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Oh, Calling Where art Thou?


Writing the first post of my blog it kind of overwhelmed me with the responsibility of choosing a topic that is both BIG and meaningful – something that answered all questions at once. Of course I did not find such topic! Instead, I decided to keep it short and sweet and write on finding one’s calling – a topic near and dear to me and millions more.

The subject seems to be the song of sirens these days as anyone interested in self-development knows way too well. The intensity with which we have come to treat the subject has left me play it in my head like Mozart’s Figaro “Calling? Son quà / Hei, Calling? Son là / Calling quà, Calling là / Calling sù, Calling giù…”

Finding one’s calling has become the imperative of our time and rightfully so I like to add. At no other time during history has human kind found itself overwhelmingly multitasking at the rate we do today while managing to become Jack of all trades: lovers, professionals, mothers, marathon runners, aspiring artists, enlightened beings, and on it goes. Finding ourselves with many talents but nothing honed in particular clearly has us beg the question: what am I good at? Posed from a lofty place of overcoming emotional and psychological blocks or other societal and individual expectations, we can further transform the question to: what do I enjoy doing?

Transformative as it may be, finding one’s calling is no little task by any means. It is a work in progress. Finding mine, I have discovered, means many things at once: claiming myself from myself and the world (complicated stuff!), writing a page or two or just a paragraph in the history of life as I see it, unsubscribing from the conventional societal belief of what a ‘successful’ life is expected to be, and so on.

I strongly believe that the current movement of urging us to find our calling is a great opportunity to help us find our place in the world and most importantly within ourselves. It should also call for a change of cultural values as well: shifting from praising the ‘busy crazy’ schedules an achievement to urging us to find time and stop, pull the brakes of life and just be.

Maybe then we can create the space in our heads, hearts and souls to acknowledge the blueprint of our existence which I believe has a dash of sustainable happiness. It was when I pulled the ‘brakes’ of my life that I encountered my calling even if it was just a glimpse of it. I saw it come out of the shadows – a disheveled and utterly endearing creature, just like life itself, telling me to relax because as true as it is that finding it is indeed a hard task, the rest is very simple: do what you love and do it often! And each time you do that, see if you can do it better than the last one.



6 thoughts on “Oh, Calling Where art Thou?

  1. lovely, just lovely Mirela dear.
    I would add the thought that callings can change over time and that it can take courage to make that happen too.
    I look forword to more of your words of wisdom.

    Posted by Denise | January 24, 2013, 4:23 pm
  2. Hey Mirela, Great topic. The task of finding ones’ calling is a service to others. This requires continuous introspection and questioning every aspect of oneself until there are no answers to return. There are many teachers and vehicles of teaching for guidance to a calling. Along the way, opportunities to release frozen mind patterns and become fluid in thought and being. Existing in multidimensions simultaneously, this house that we inhabit is the one in which we live and can make changes that affect selves in every alternate universe.

    Posted by Aman | January 24, 2013, 10:19 pm
  3. I enjoyed this, Mirela! Yes, becoming the master of one trade & “one Self” is definitely a challenge these days, but perspective can make the journey joyous.

    Posted by Sarita | January 26, 2013, 12:26 pm

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