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Letter to The Young Inner Poet

Having returned from a writers’ program, the reminder to write something on this blog became imminent. And in doing so, it is fair to call it a note to self.

But let’s get back to the writers’ program where days were long, nights full of meteoric showers, and souls…. well, inspired and perhaps happy.

The daily writing workshops were followed by stimulating and inspiring evening talks and performances. Visiting artists talked about their collaborations with poetry where its limitless depth of rendering the human experience can be brought in successfully with other performing arts such as music, theater, dance or film, painting, etc.

Abundant wit was floating around but at least two noteworthy thoughts stood out from conversations with poets like:

Harryette Mullen


or Eileen Myles


… while listening to the one and only John Ashbery read from his recent “Breezeway”


Not to mention other fellow poets who flocked the space in a magical way.

Having heard these little gems before, this time around the importance of internalizing and, most importantly, acting on them became much clearer.

Dare more

I have written poetry for a long time. And for an equally long time I have shared it with my computer and later with a few friends. It was partly at their suggestion (long live friends!) that I started pursuing my love of poetry with more seriousness. I don’t know where the Poetry Road will lead me, but I do know that I am walking it.

All of this to say that had I not dared to submit my poems for an entry at the program and overcome my fear of failure, which is still there by the way, this post could not have been written. It is almost certain that I would have been in Fear Road, instead, making up reasons why I should not have submitted my poems for consideration in the program.

Find your tribe

Letters to young artists, a modern reenactment of Rilke’s letters, were read and left us all with longing hearts, curious minds, and inspired spirits. Whatever one pursues in life, becoming a writer, a doctor, a farmer, it is very important to find your people and stick with them.

Whatever your path: FIND. YOUR. TRIBE.

It will enrich your soul, remind you why you do what you do, and why it is so damn important to you.



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