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We Need a Spiritual Revolution 

Last night history was stopped from being made. The people spoke and they chose Donald J. Trump as their next president of the United States of America. Who those people are and what the consequences of their actions will mean for all of us, we will find out in the next 4 years. But today the progressive left and the rest of the world woke up in disbelief and despair. People and markets are shaken. 

How could this happen? How can a presidential electoral campaign be won, in year 2016, by a man who brought a whole new low level of human conduct in the public sphere with vicious attacks of his opponents, empty words that convey a non-existent strategy on how this country will be made great again, while instilling fear, discontent, and alienating minorities of any kind – race, ethnicity, and gender? That is only one side of the coin.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton, the first woman in American history to run for president of the (same) United States of America – a seasoned and well-prepared politician and activist lost bitterly and with a considerable margin to an audience that did not trust her judgment, character, or her ‘love’ of working with the establishment.

The pundits, media, and social scientists alike will have their hands full with trying to understand the factors that gave rise to this widespread support of Donald Trump by the American people. The rhetoric on both sides, republican and democrats, could not have possibly been further apart on the socio-political and moral compass they chose.

But here is what we all are learning on this grimmest of November days — the divide in America is greater than anyone imagined. The gap so big and the knowledge of the other side so little that it lead us here.

To despair and contribute to a further socio-political alienation is no longer an option.

We, the people, need to do what our politicians failed doing for us.

#grass-root movements at community level. We need to come together more than ever in bridging the ideological gap at a grassroots level. Find like-minded people and, above all, people from the other camp to speak with so we start understanding one another and perhaps shed light on facts that have been manipulated on how they’re being served to supporters.

#stay strong in your beliefs in front of defeat. Connect with your heart, make room for love, towards yourself and others. Do not close down, open up.

#enlighten yourself. Yes, we can enlighten ourselves! All great men and saints who have walked on this earth have taught us one thing,

#from darkness comes light. Let’s keep the light shining. It will be a hard 4 years of a Trump presidency. If he accomplishes even 5% of the things he promised his electorate, the country will likely witness a modern day civil war. Back to the light, we need it more than ever.

#we need a spiritual revolution. Our ideals, dreams and actions need to be nourished more than ever. We need to find shrines of spirituality where we honor our differences and shortcomings. 

We need practices that remind us of love, expansion, acceptance and compassion. We need to stay inspired and connected to our hearts, our love, and above all to each other.



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