These are links to my contributing blog at an Albanian newspaper – http://www.Shqiptarja.com.

Similarly to a wishing postcard, the piece invokes three wishes for the New Year 2013: 
a more engaging presence of the Albanian intelligentsia in the public domain; responsible portrayal of Albanian 
life by the media; and, the ongoing need of a yet missing spirituality in Albanian life.


A summer day's musings take the author away from her Brooklyn surroundings and place her in the home 
country where memories of childhood summer days abound. They were marked by running errands for the family such as taking the 
stuffed peppers to be baked at a local bakery. How do these past and present realities reconcile? Can they? Should they?


Titled "Shame, Honor and the Gay Parade" the piece explores the early 2012 movement of Albanian gays and
its reactions in the public sphere. It posits that such worried reactions are unbased as they emerge from deeply 
rooted cultural beliefs of what constitutes as honor or shame. Instead, the author invites the public to worry on 
pressing social issues such as: the concerning trafficking of Albanian women, or the missing Albanian children 
who are believed to have been involved in organ trafficking; and other pressing issues.



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